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GSM Gate Opener


The G-2025 works on 4G technology. All you need is to insert a valid SIM card and program the phone numbers of all the users.

Vehicle Loop Detectors


Loop detectors are installed to operate an automatic gate. Usually installed within the premises to open and close gates automatically by detecting the presents of a vehicle.

Magnetic Locks


Electromagnetic locks are widely used on electronic gates, doors, offices, airports, shops, banks and other secure buildings for restricted access control.

Strobe Lights


The flasher lights can be used on trucks, carts, forklifts or any other application which requires a visual indication of any danger or warning.



Human finger print is unique to each individual and has been tested over the years by departments such as police, Interpol and FBI. Now combined with the latest technology you can use it for your own access control.



We stock a range of batteries for all our products. Alkaline batteries, Carbon batteries, Lithium batteries, coin or button batteries and rechargeable batteries.



These enclosures are manufactured from ABS and PC (Polycarbonate) plastic and available with stainless steel latches or plastic type hinges and locking system.

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